Ecoprune is a social enterprise promoting incentivized waste recycling among households, schools, businesses and organizations, in which subscribers are educated on waste segregation - with the segregated waste collected through a door-to-door collection model - in order to build up ‘ECOCOINS’ with their recyclables e.g. plastics, papers, brown cartons, aluminum cans, pure water sachets, and use the Ecocoins to redeem incentives such as cash, electronics. The recyclables collected is sorted at our collection hubs to serve as raw materials for manufacturing new products.

Ecoprune Waste Recycling Company


Creating an impact in the environment through advocacy, education and innovative waste management methods to promote clean cities and environmentally conscious citizens.




We offer the following range of products and services

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Consulting services

We provide tailored professional advice with our expertise and experience to businesses and organizations to set up waste recycling initiative which is specific and individualized to the client.

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Education and training

We provide education and training for Schools and Organizations on Waste recycling, Environment and Sustainability. Our trainings are tailored towards different audiences within the client school or organization.